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    1. The above named Adopter(s) understands and agrees that by signing this contract and paying the designated adoption fee, they are willingly taking on full responsibility for the companion animal mentioned herein and are agreeing to treat the pet with care, compassion and respect throughout the pet’s life. It is also understood that The Underdog Railroad Canada is not able to guarantee any aspect of the animal’s nature or health but unless otherwise stated the pet is believed to have a good temperament and to be in good health and that all available information about the pet and/or veterinarian documentation has been supplied to the Adopter.
    2. The Adopter understands that it is in their best interest to have the pet examined by their own veterinarian within a timely manner, to continue with required vaccinations as suggested by their veterinarian throughout the pet’s life, and to have the pet surgically altered if not already done, at their expense, when the pet reaches the age of maturity (generally at six months of age).
    3. The Adopter agrees that if for any reason they can no longer care for the adopted pet, they will advise The Underdog Railroad Canada as soon as possible to have the pet returned to the rescue and the following shall apply:
    a) That unless otherwise stated in writing, any adoption fee paid at the time of adoption has been absorbed by the Rescue and is to be considered NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the length of time the pet has been in the Adopter’s care.
    b) That all medical and/or other records pertaining to the pet will be supplied to the rescue at the time of surrender.
    c) If the pet is returned to the rescue after 30 days from the adoption date the Adopter may be required to pay a placement fee.
    d) That The Underdog Railroad Canada reserves the right to refuse any pet it deems to be unadoptable for any reason.
    e) That the Adopter is responsible to maintain the pet until such time that a foster placement is made available.
    4. The Adopter agrees that they are responsible for all veterinary care, medicine, and other costs associated with the adopted pet while the pet is in their care and that The Underdog Railroad Canada will not be held responsible to repay these costs, including costs for any predetermined issues relating to the pet, unless agreed upon in writing by both parties prior to adoption, regardless of whether or not the pet is returned to the Rescue.
    5. The Adopter agrees that as a pet owner they will abide by the regulations of the Animal Control Bylaw and the Department of Health in their community.
    6. The Adopter hereby agrees to release and discharge The Underdog Railroad Canada Dog and its Associates and Volunteers, of and from any claim, damage, suit, cause of action, demand or expense whatsoever which the Adopter, his or her heirs, executors, administrators or assigns can or may have in relation to loss, cost, damage or injury that they may sustain or suffer arising out of the adoption of the companion animal described above.
    7. The Adopter hereby agrees to indemnify and save harmless The Underdog Railroad Canada, its Associates and Volunteers, from and against any and all claims, causes of actions, suits or demands herein and any loss, costs, damage or injury sustained or suffered by anyone in relation thereto.
    As the named Adopter I am hereby accepting full responsibility for the life of the pet mentioned herein.

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