Adoption Information

Our adoption process starts with the completion of the Adoption Application. From the information obtained we will determine if the animal in question is a good fit for the applicant. If the applicant seems like a good match, we will set up a meeting at the foster home. If there are other animals a meeting will be set up on neutral territory if possible. We try to provide as much information as possible about each animal so that a reasonable evaluation can be made about possible adoption.

We may hold several such meetings over a short period of time and will make, what we think, is the best decision for the animal, if more than one applicant would like to adopt. This process is simply designed to set each and every animal up for success in a new home, as that is without a doubt, our primary concern.

We will make arrangements to bring the dog or cat to their new home at adoption time. This constitutes the home visit and gives us the opportunity to ensure the home is adequate for the animal. We have had to withdraw an adoption at this stage, primarily because the reaction of the resident animals is so hostile that we cannot ensure the safety and comfort of our animal. Sometimes meeting on neutral territory does not provide accurate information.

Once an animal has been adopted we will check in from time to time to make sure all is going well. We try to provide support when needed as there is an adjustment period to get through before things become predictable. An adopter must recognize that every homeless animal has been through a difficult time and it is their job to make the transition as easy as possible for their new pet. Time, love and patience is their most important requirement.

If you see an animal you think might make a great addition to your home, please complete and submit an application to Email Us.

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